We came accross a homeless 72 year old veteran living in a tent in the middle of a field

Hull 4 heroes immediately attended and after a quick chat we contacted the Hull city council housing offices who acted in minutes contacting all agancies to help, KHCC stayed in contact throughout and between Hull 4 heroes, Humbercare and Emmaus instant care was in place,

Humbercare sorted a ground floor flat, Emmaus were instantly on the scene to offer extra care and we at Hull 4 heroes sorted his other needs like a new bed, tv, pots, pans, bedding and other various essentials
Big Thank you to Tesco St Stephans for the discount they showed us to help out

With a care plan in place we left our new friend with a fresh start and a big smile on his face

Thank you also to the man who found him in the middle of a field and transported him his belonings and tent to a quality camping site and paid for 3 nights stay , he was not to know the owner is great friends with Trevor Fishburn Hull 4 Heroes trustee, the owner alerted Trev and Trev called me, I called our team. It has to be said the lady on the camp site took in a homeless man, dropped off by someone she didn’t know who hadnt booked him in on a family camp site before she knew he was a veteren. She ran him round shops fed him and gave him a bit of his dignity back. She also refused any money for his stay by giving the camping fee back to the veteran for his new start.

Catherine we could never thank you enough, what a lady.