Hull 4 Heroes are proud to say we have signed up to the Pride in Veterans Standards


What is the Pride in Veterans Standard (PiVS)?

Any veteran-focused organisation will want to ensure it is proactive in making the whole veteran community feel confident in accessing its services and support, knowing, that when they do, veterans can be assured they will be treated with dignity, respect and understanding.Fighting With Pride is a trusted and respected LGBT+ military charity that has lived experience and knowledge to support organisations wanting to develop and improve their LGBT+ welcome and/or support services. LGBT+ Veterans, serving personnel and families will be more confident approaching support organisations where they see a marker that assures them of a welcome reception.The Pride in Veterans Standard (PiVS) is a programme run by Fighting with Pride, open to any organisation that provides veteran core services or support, that wishes to visibly demonstrate its commitment to providing inclusive and welcoming support to LGBT+ Veterans serving personnel and their families.To engage successfully, organisations need to be understanding of the experiences of LGBT+ Veterans, and how this may impact them accessing support. Organisations need to be ready and able to provide services in a supportive and empathic way that meets the specific needs of our LGBT+ community.Being part of PiVS demonstrates an organisations commitment to delivering the highest standards for LGBT+ Veteran inclusion. PiVS organisations will:


  • Warmly welcome LGBT+ Veterans, serving personnel and their families
  • Ensure all staff volunteers and members have an awareness of the different challenges faced by LGBT+ people, in particular, those who were impacted by the Armed Forces’ “gay ban”
  • Have a clear understanding of the needs of LGBT+ Veterans, serving personnel and their families and tailoring support to meet their needs
  • Recognise, that for some LGBT+ Veterans, their experiences have impacted their mental health, and tailor support to meet their needs
  • Promote inclusion, dignity and respect for LGBT+ people in everything that you do
  • Recognise the different groups within our community and understand their specific needs


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