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Welcome to Hull 4 Heroes – a beacon of support for our Armed forces serving personnel, veterans, and their families. Our journey began with the vision of our founder and CEO, Paul Matson, a former serviceman in the British Military.

Paul’s personal journey of transition from military to civilian life was not without its challenges. Like many veterans, he faced his own struggles upon leaving the military. Inspired by his experiences working on the DIY SOS Veterans Street project in Manchester and witnessing the challenges veterans face, Paul was driven to make a difference.

Fuelled by a deep sense of duty and compassion, Paul gathered a group of like-minded individuals, including fellow ex-military members, to extend assistance to veterans locally. Upon returning to Hull, he took the helm in establishing Hull 4 Heroes, with a clear mission to support veterans’ transition both physically and mentally.

Since its inception, Hull 4 Heroes has thrived under Paul’s leadership, forming invaluable partnerships with local businesses and charities. A board of trustees was formed, bringing together a diverse range of expertise and perspectives. Our team comprises many volunteers, each bringing their unique skills and experiences to the table. Among them are individuals who have served in the military or are family members of servicemen and women. Additionally, civilians have joined our ranks, learning from the rest of the team, while also contributing their own invaluable insights.

Together, we’ve become a vital lifeline for veterans, ensuring they receive the support and recognition they rightly deserve. At Hull 4 Heroes, we’re committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of those who have served our nation with courage and dedication. Join us as we continue our mission to provide unwavering support and hope to our veterans.


At Hull 4 Heroes, our reach extends across Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire. However, our commitment to assisting individuals knows no bounds. We’re dedicated to ensuring that anyone who seeks help receives the support they require, even if it means connecting them with resources within their own area.

Hull 4 Heroes are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our Armed Forces community. Founded with a passion for supporting those who have served, our charity strives to provide essential assistance and resources to serving, ex-service personnel and their families.


Our mission is simple: To offer emotional and practical support to our Armed Forces Community, providing and solutions and opportunities for a brighter future. We believe that every veteran deserves respect, dignity, and a helping hand as they transition to and through civilian life.

We provide a wide range of services including the following

  • Drop-in Services: Convenient access to support and resources.
  • Job Searching and Careers Advice: Assistance with finding employment and career guidance.
  • Welfare Support: Guidance on benefits, housing, and financial assistance.
  • Education and Training: Resources for further education and skills development.
  • Self-Employment Support: Assistance for those interested in entrepreneurship.


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What We Believe In



To treat everyone with compassion, understanding and consideration of their individual needs and wellbeing.


To respect each person individually, understanding their personal journey and the challenges they may have faced.


We promote a culture of inclusion and diversity to all volunteers, staff and anyone involved or connected to the charity.


To show commitment to each individual to give them our best support and care.