More about the services we offer for Veterans to support them.


At Hull 4 Heroes we also run the Hull City Council Armed Forces Hub where we provide a variety of services tailored to the Hull Armed Forces Community:

Housing Support: We work tirelessly in partnership with others to provide safe and stable housing options for homeless veterans, ensuring they have a place to call home as they rebuild their lives.

Welfare Support: Our dedicated team provides comprehensive guidance on accessing a wide range of welfare benefits, navigating housing options, and working alongside our partners, securing vital financial assistance to address diverse needs and circumstances.

Employment Assistance: Through partnerships with local businesses and training programs, we help find meaningful employment opportunities suited to their skills and experiences.

Wellness Programs: Mental and physical well-being are paramount. We offer access to our military peer support groups, as well as an extensive range of recreational activities offering camaraderie, friendship and reducing social isolation.

Mental health and wellbeing: We ensure individuals receive person centred care and support for their mental health and well-being, collaborating closely with organisations such as Op Courage. Our goal is to ensure that individuals have access to the appropriate specialist care, support, and treatment they need.